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Kusadasi, or Bird Island, is a lovely port built along the shores of a glittering bay. The terraced town overlooks the most beautiful inlet of the Aegean and seems to have been created purely for the delight of the holiday-maker. A large, modern marina facilitates life for visiting yachters. Tusan-Kustur Beach, north of Kusadasi lies one of the cleanest beaches and 23 km south of Kusadasi is the charming holiday-resort town of Güzelcamli. West of Güzelcamli and 30 km from Kusadasi, is the Dilek Peninsula National Park, and a visit is a must for those with the time. Here amidst incredibly beautiful surroundings are some of the most wonderful views and some of the rarest wild animals in Turkey, including the Anatolian cheetah and some of Turkey's last wild horses, The park is a wildlife preserve and a haven for many species of animals and birds.

A visit to Efes (Ephesus) - once the, commercial center of the ancient world - is a highlight of any visit to Turkey. The city, whose wealth and patronage supported its splendid architectural program, was dedicated to the goddess Artemis. Her enormous temple, once considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and rebuilt several times, dates in its latest form from the third century B.C. The ruins also include a theatre, gymnasium, agora and baths, as well as the Library of Celsus.

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1 Ephesus Tour from İstanbul
2 Tour 1: The Highlights of Ephesus (full day tour)
3 Tour 2: Ancient Ephesus & House of Mother Mary (half day tour)
4 Tour 3: Ancient Ephesus & Archeology Museum (half day tour)
5 Tour 4: Ancient Ephesus (half day tour)
6 Tour 5: Turkish Village Life Experience (half day tour)
7 Tour 6: Prien and Didyma (full day tour)


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